February’s 13

Typing this up at Mangia Italiano, with about a half-dozen people absent-mindedly watching the Super Bowl on a single, 12-inch screen. It’s as if the technological advancements of the past two-decades have never occurred.  How refreshing.

Supposing that it was bound to happen eventually, but seeing old clips on The Unconscious and Pale Divine, from Spotlight’s 1987-88 time period, is rather jarring. Facebook is the great giver of goodness, yet I’m still resistant to reading two-decade-old clips. May as well just accept the arrival of the next historical curiosity.

And speaking of Facebook (and Mangia)… Wayne St. Wayne on Facebook? I’m checking the skies.

Testimony to lameness: Find out about the movie “The Room.” Purchase copy of same via Amazon. Plan to show the film at some type of get-together, or party. Delay actually planning party. Realize that The Tivoli is now going to show it as as a midnight movie. Consider that the film’s been on the shelf for a half-dozen months. Feel lame.

To channel all those writers who pretend to channel Larry King: there is no finer energy drink that Rock Star Original with Ginseng.

Looking for a good rock doucumentary? Recommended: “Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten.”

Urban exploration, photography and social consciousness through alternative sales of art. Oh, no, that’s not of interest. Dave Jordano’s at Chanute AFB are particularly catchy to these eyes.

Not diggin’ “Weeds.”

JK Publishing in St. Louis. Anybody know ’bout this?

And how d’ya change a battery for a remote mouse?

Also: if you’ve decided to eat fish and seafood, how severe is the jump to including duck, alligator and nutria? All have aquatic moments. Talk me off this slippery slope I’m sliding on down, please.

If you’ve not had a chance to see the website CreativeSaintLouis.com, or have not peeked at it recently, please check in. Four weeks’ worth of blog postings later, no deadlines missed, lots of interesting people, places, things highlight. More to come on this topic later in the week.

Recently posted up a YouTube clip of The Incurables playing live on “Silver Tray.” Thought of some recent sets when doing and recalled the amusement of some weeks back, being able to sing along to every word of “Bed” by New World Spirits. Won’t lie. They were never “my band” back in the day, but I respected their work ethic and passionate fans. Years later, the same sound’s there, to a T, despite relatively few rehearsals. And the lyrics? Well, I guess I listened to The Point a little back then.