November’s 13

As an immigrant, perhaps I appreciate your people’s ways more than you. As I am to be thankful this week, so it shall be.

Thankful for lit magazines in print, but accepting of the new wave of publishing.

Thankful for Iron Maiden, but feeling too old to wear their new skate shoes.

Thankful for great guest speakers, especially those with secret YouTube channels.

Thankful for Tuesday nights at Pop’s Blue Moon.

Thankful for the end of a somewhat successful soccer season.

Thankful for school-less days ahead, dedicated to new Gladwell and Hornby titles, both of which will endure some delayed spine-cracking.

Thankful for the young clerk at the closing South City Office Depot, who hooked me up with additional mad  savings during their outta business sale, as the small niceties are always appreciated.

Thankful for those savings, even on the cusp of Buy Nothing Day.

Thankful for a new Richard Linklater film, anytime, and doubly so when it stars Claire Danes.

Thankful for new writing opportunities in December.

Thankful to have friends who are carpenters, particularly after the neighbor’s pitbull sticks an oversized skull through the old, wooden fence.

Thankful for the Morimoto beer in my fridge.

Thankful to play the music of my youth on KDHX over the next two days (see list below) and over the holidays at The Halo Bar.

2 thoughts on “November’s 13

  1. Thomas,

    I’m thankful for your dedication and contributions to making sure St. Louis stays as cool as it is!



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