Five for Friday: September 11 (er…)

Lovely late addition, ’cause:

1. Yours truly is spinning tonight at The Halo, 10 p.m.-to-close. Can only dent the generous DJ tab there, so have one on me.

2. Just completed the greatest day of UE in recent memory. Details to follow, but the rounds included: a random run-in with Peat Stensoul; the discovery of a dipped ship; imparted wisdom from the Amish Hobo; and a shirtless (male) dance revue at Perigen’s in Madison, IL. Some days are sprinkled with extra magic, y’know?

3. Next up on the reading list: “Bang Your Head: The Rise and Fall of Heavy Metal” by David Konow. Yes.

4. Bringing by some ghost peppers to The Royale. They’re going to be pickling in some spirit within the next day, so ask about ’em, if you got the need for heat.

5. The Kick-Ass Awards’ details are coming soon to the 52nd City Twitter site. Look for date, venue and winners this week over thurr.