52nd City

It’s been up for a just a touch, but it’s still fresh.

The Food issue of 52nd City has arrived, but unlike past issues, it’s online exclusively. Long story short, this one’s serving as the transitional element between our quarterly offerings and the new form from here-on-out, a twice-annual release. The current, online issue, though, suffers no harm in shifting delivery systems, as we’ve got, arguably, one of our strongest and most-enjoyable collection of pieces yet. (The Thom Fletcher piece, for me, is a highlight, of our entire run.) Click some links:

Sofrito | Fred Arroyo

Sleeping In | Micah Bateman

On The Road Again | Tyson Blanquart

Kohlrabi | Rebecca Bodicky

Chili-Mac | Michael Castro

Breakfast with the New Madrid | Ian Dorward

Delicious | Hilary Hitchcock

Transmigrated Duck Heart | Thom Fletcher

Improvising | John Garcia

Lines in the Van, Lines in the Sand | Chris King

Hermetic Rice | K. Curtis Lyle

Don’t Forget About Your Veggies | s.c. truckey

Mastication | Brett Underwood

Tables | Justin Visnesky


Dana Smith is an artist and recent Kick Ass Award recipient. You can find more of his work at asbestossister.com.