The Stable

Three things about The Stable:

1. The place is open. Located on the corner of Lemp and Cherokee, in one of the historic Lemp Brewery buildings. Restaurant and bar. Loads of familiar faces working the floor and the kitchen. Drop by on a Saturday for lunch.

2. They have DJs on selected nights. For example, myself, on Thursday, July 31, time TBD. The turntables, in a strange bit of strangeness, are on loan from Robert van Winkle. Seriously, they are.

3. There’s a pizza on the lunch menu featuring tater tots, ketchup and mayo, tons of cheese and (for most folks) a topping of ground beef. Pure health food, obviously. But curiously tasty.

2 thoughts on “The Stable

  1. Seriously? Vanilla Ice? Wow… I gots to get me a gig there, just to say that I used Vanilla Ice’s turntables.

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