I was at my local pub last night, to pass-off of some print materials and to tilt a pint before the ride home.

The bartender, a mainstay of the South Grand scene, both at and behind the bar, welcomed me, saying that “it’d been forever,” even though I’d only seen him the week prior. Maybe that was a joke, but an onrushing cold kept my funny bone from getting the quip. It was otherwise the usual kind of night at that place: the Cards game on the TV; the regulars cursing at the pinball game; the smell of pizza dust in the air.

Sitting at Mangia this afternoon, clicking away and leeching the Wifi, word’s gone around that said bartender hung himself last night, that the owner of the venue found him this morning. The usual, “I saw him when” talk’s broken out and phone calls are already being made and received.


Wish you well in rest, man. Wish you well.

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