Link fun & radio show

Tomorrow night, Amanda Doyle and I will be joined on Topic A (nearly typed in as The Wire, a second ago) by James Collier, who pens (as in writes and illustrates) a blog called Acting White. It’s an interesting read, for sure, and should yield some good conversation tomorrow, ‘tween 7:30 – 8:00 p.m.

The look at that site sent me on a strange run of web-reading, with some of the items well worth sharing. The first one’s got an obvious link to the above, the rest…

White people don’t like soccer, but like talking about liking soccer.

Bar admits to being gay. Some classic Onion, for sure.

Vegetarians aren’t all granola-chewing hippies.

And in a bit of video viewing, a trailer for a Michael Almereyda film that I wish would just go and get released already.

Share a link, pals.

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