April’s 13

Cultural event, Catholic school picnics: Checking the calendar. It’s about that time of year, yes, indeed. A time for marginal $2 food items, crazy-looking rides, crazier-looking ride operators and a guaranteed good time… as long as the local teens don’t start a gang fight. Yeah-uh!

Newspaper, The Vital Voice: At the risk of slighting any other newspapers fitting the description, my favorite bi-weekly publication formerly targeting the GLBT audience, but now morphing into a wider, progressive niche has to be… The Vital Voice. Especially since editor Lucas Hudson’s on-board and because they started writing me checks. If you’ve not picked up the paper recently, or clicked on the website, please do. One or the other. Or both. Thanks.

Challenges, The AFI Top 100: After a couple of disappointing films in a row and a Netflix membership that’s lapsed, I’ve found myself raiding the stacks of Webster U’s Emerson Library for videos, informed by the twin American Film Institute Top 100 Film lists, from 1998 and 2007. Can’t say all the films to date have been a joy — “The Searchers” is something more than a dull, two-hour excursion into mid-20th century racism? really? — but the process has been vaguely enjoyable, despite the lack of foreign films and docs. But enough qualifiers. The AFI list is fun to work through, especially if you’re an obsessive completist.

Magazine, “Relevant”: Like to think I know a few magazines, but I’d never heard of “Relevant” until now. The mag’s centered around “God. Life. Progressive Culture.” and I’m totally cool with two of those ideas. Despite a few editorial pieces not particularly up my alley, I have to say that the newest Relevant is well-designed, very readable and a real surprise, which is always fun when searching the mag racks.

Reality show, “Split Ends“: Two hair stylists. Swapping places. Meeting new people. Working with new systems. Maybe learning something along the way. What a stupid idea! And what a perfectly enjoyable waste of an hour!

Flickr user, Monstromo: Until recently, I didn’t realize that my neighbor took photos, let alone loaded them onto photo-sharing services. Glad I know, now. Some wacky stuff in here. Moon Mullins? I mean… really. What?

Wacky theatre, “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park”: Do not miss this show. Why would you even consider that possibility?

Christmas gift opportunities, Historic Soccer Videotapes: Would love those STL Stars vids, definitely; you’re the best!

YouTube oddity, “Flintstones Sell Cigarettes“: Every semester, during advertising class sessions, this video brings on the chuckles, from students too young to reasonably appreciate the full cultural impact of “The Flintstones.” If you’ve not seen Fred and Barney out back o’ the house, lighting up, please enjoy.

Coffeehouse, Cairdeas: I’m not a Dogtown resident, but since my car keeps breaking down and my mechanic’s in the neighborhood, I’m now a quasi-regular at this joint. I even can ID some of the other, weird regulars, including one mean Irishman that I’ve run into on each visit. A charmer, that one. At any rate, I like the spot and like it even more when a postmodern horror film star is behind the counter.

Used book rack, Apop: What the hell is playing in that shop? Ever! That’s my question. Seriously, what the hell? Just check out that book rack, though. Some nutty selections up thurr.

South Broadway gay bar options, Korners: Walked in. Took a minute to sort out what was happening. Somehow, it actually took a minute, instead of three-seconds. How amusing. And how loud! Ten people making the sound of a thousand, so happy were they.

KDHX pledge opportunity, “Topic A”: Wouldn’t you know it? The spring membership drive is nigh. And what better opportunity to give than at 7:30 p.m. CST on Monday, April 21? The station, Amanda, Amanda’s unborn baby and I all thank you for your consideration and loose purse strings.

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  1. Relevant also publishes books, which are generally snarky and funny and hip. It’s like, the magazine for me if I believed in Jesus. And I don’t, but enough of the articles are good that I read it anyway.

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