Belz: Outta Here

He’s leaving us.

Oh, sure, some will lament Aaron Belz the Poet, the Dad, the Advocate for Local Arts. I’ll take a moment to note that: he’s got of the sharpest elbows I’ve ever encountered on a basketball court (a latter day Wes Unseld, I’d reckon); his Facebook-ing skills rival those of a Mehlville HS ninth-grader; and he’s one of those cats that can take a stolen scooter and turn it into a local legend. So let’s add all of that to our collective, embittered, Exiting Stage Left bio, shall we?

The comedic poetic stylings of Aaron Belz are soon to move west, way west. With the news now public, we’ll go ahead and post the grim details, while noting that there’s a chance to catch the man in his very natural habitat in the next week:


To those of you who are or might be attending my reading at Regional Arts Commission next Tuesday evening:

I’ve accepted a position at a college in L.A. and will be moving out there in July. This might be the last time I get to see some of you in a while, so I hope you’ll come let me shake your hand and raise my eyebrows at you in a slightly creepy way.

Remember – the reading is free, and so is the wine.
http://belz. wordpress. com/2008/ 03/10/rac- poster/

PLEASE BRING $10 for a COPY OF THE BOOK if you don’t have it yet. I want to sell and sign some of those.



Not answered in the above: When’s the garage sale?