In lieu of doing of needed, “serious” work, I’m going to toss up some playlists from recent KDHX shows.

Thursday, March 13, The Underworld, 2 – 4 p.m., sub for Doug Morgan (artist – song – album). Note: all STL set.

Hour one: Junkbox, Need to Explain, Out of the Gate Again; Treeweasels, She Denies Them, Three; Belinda Chaire, Riding a Wave, Growing up Naked; The Nukes, Five Years Left, State of Missouri; Phonocaptors, Broom Factory, Futura Phono; Uncle Tupelo, The Long Cut, Anodyne; Tinhorn, Take the Line, Adios-Exactly-Goodbye; Shelby, Steady Stars, Steady Stars; The Love Experts, Cuba Street, Cuba Street; The Boorays, Band of Gold, Pumpkin Pie Crustacean; Jon Rosen, Silence, The King of Las Vegas; Drift, Beehive, Suddenly the World’s Glass is Half-Full; The Getaway Car, The System, First Gear; Tripstar, Becoming, At the Instar Motel.

Hour two: Rough Shop, Dance all Night, Live at Kemper Museum CD sampler; Painkillers, Dork on the Moon, unreleased compilation; The Ambassadors, California, The Ambassadors; Bunnygrunt, Names of Trees, Jen-Fi; Stranded Lads, Someday, Reservoir I & II; Corporate Humour, Not that Good, unreleased compilation; The Red Squares, Separated Lives, Jumping on the Bed; Finn’s Motel, Thanks to Gravity, unreleased bonus tracks of Escape Velocity; Judge Nothing, Nashville, Riveter; The Dead Celebrities, X-Ray Eyes, The Many Moods of the Dead Celebrities; The Ded Bugs, Bandwagon, Planet of Blood; The Urge, Bread, Bust Me Dat Forty; Cloister, Possibilities, Recorduroy; WaterWorks, I Hear the Voice, WaterWorks; The Imps, Secrets, Innocence is Full of Pleasure; The Blastoids, Eat Like You Mean It, The Blastoids; Crushed, Trophy, The Closed Room.

Tuesday, March 4, Suffragette City, 10 p.m.-midnight, sub for Rene Spencer Saller.

Hour one: Klaatu, Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, Klaatu; Monade, Etoile, Monstre Cosmic; James Combs, OK It’s Sunday, Nice Dream if You Can Get It; Cat Power, New York, Jukebox; The Warlocks, So Paranoid, Heavy Deavy Skull Lover; Black Angels, Empire, Passover; PJ Harvey, Grow Grow Grow, White Chalk; Kendra Smith, Stars are in Your Eyes, The Guild of Temporal Adventurers; Siguar Ros, Salka, Huart; Adam Franklin, Morning Rain, Bolts of Melody; Mark Gardener, To Get Me Through; These Beautiful Ghosts; Mojave 3, Who Do You Love?, Out of Tune.

Hour two: Dandy Warhols, Holding Me Up, Odditorium or the Warlords of Mars; Calliope, Hello… Spaceman?, I Can See You with My Eyes Closed; Thom Yorke, Harrowdown Hill, The Eraser; Bob Mould, Stupid Now, District Line; The Red Romance, Break Away, The Red Romance; The Bureau, Human Coal, We Make Plans in Secret; I Am the World Trade Center, The Postcard, Tight Connection; Brad Laner, Find Out, Neighbor Singing; High Violets, Love is Blinding, To Where You Are; Mercury Rev, I Only Have Eyes for You, Goddess on a HiWay; His Name is Alive, Letter, Stars on E.S.P.; The Orange Peels, California Blue, Circling the Sun; Aimee Mann, Lost in Space, Lost in Space; New Pornographers, The Jessica Numbers, Twin Cinema.