An interaction, whilst wearing a suit

A conversation at school, held minutes ago, in which I, while conversing, am wearing a suit. Which you would’ve probably intuited, sure, from the text below. Still, it’s a key, this suit, and should be noted, expressly.

Me (in suit): Minding my own damned business at the copier.

School boss: “Why are you wearing a suit?”

Me (in suit): “Because it’s Halloween.”

School boss: “What are you supposed to be?”

Me (in suit): “A media professor.”

School boss: Blank stare. Moment’s pause. Then: “Oh.”

3 thoughts on “An interaction, whilst wearing a suit

  1. I wish you would’ve come by our porch in your suit. I would’ve rewarded you w/candy and a Scooby Doo mechanical pencil.

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