Joe Christ

A relatively new acquaintance sent me a note, saying that I’d been name-checked on the video trailer of a Joe Christ DVD release. It took me a minute to sort out the connection, since I hadn’t written on (or thought of) Joe Christ for the better part of a decade. But when Christ was a regular visitor to St. Louis, sometimes screening his low-budget films at the old Way Out Club, I reviewed a couple pieces of his work for the Riverfront Times. Again, this is a good chunk of a lifetime back, so the current trailer reference is both amusing and a tad dusty.

Nonetheless, I think the guy’s work is absolute garbage, so it’s nice to be remembered for something.

I’m tempted to not hotlink, as I don’t think Mr. Christ’s work deserves more eyes and ears, but… if you have no taste or soul, click through:

Life’s rich pageant… I tell ya.