The Mayor & KDHX

Okay, here’s the drill: over the past few pledge drives, The Wire has veered between making stupid amounts of cash and rather modest tallies. That’s the risk, perhaps, of a half-hour show which gets only one crack at the listener’s pledge dollar. It’s hard to gauge what might come in, with everything from weather to Cardinal games impacting the drive. More difficult is the decision on whether you simply talk about the station for a half-hour, or you try to work in a guest. This week, Amanda Doyle and I are opting for the latter. Luckily, we have a high-profile guest.

The Mayor of St. Louis City, Francis Slay, will be our in-studio guest from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m., on Monday, April 23. We’ll ask the questions you might expect (SLPS changes, Highway 40 prep, etc.) and we’ll ask questions generated by you: send them to If you can’t listen to the show during the normal slot, please visit for streaming.

Instead of emphasizing the pledge pitching as much during the show, we’re inviting you (via this blog and to pledge via this format. If you’ve ever enjoyed the show or find some value in it, please consider a membership during our slot. Thanks.