Carondelet Coke

Sometimes, you just have an interesting day, full of odds and ends. A soccer practice to organize, a quick stop at school for a student interview and a performance of Free Candy, let’s say, all on a sunny Sunday.

Let’s throw in a trip to the Carondelet Coke plant with a couple of folks that know their way around the 41-acre complex.

After a couple of false starts heading into the plant, today was the day to jump right in, despite what seemed to be active demolition – if a bit disorganized demolition, with a tiny, mostly man-power crew.

Also seen: a woman jumping out of a car, only to drop off a dog in the street nearest the St. Louis Skatium, then jumping back into the car, which speeds the wrong way on a one-way street; and a Chevrolet truck loaded with debris, heading into the coke plant, driving out a quarter-hour later with an empty bed. The latter plate was seen and will be called into the CSB tomorrow; the plate on the former, unfortunately, was not caught, nor was the dog. Alas.