“Recent Linear Landscapes”

I’m learning that having creative friends can mean:

Spending the better part of an Indian-summer’s Saturday afternoon in Clayton, walking around Metrolink stops in an astronaut suit lacking in, let’s say, breathability. Only to…

Months later, get the note that the footage from that day’s been boiled down into a video for the Finn’s Motel single “Recent Linear Landscapes.”

The video features: Joe Thebeau, the FM singer/songwriter; local architectural photographer/blogger Toby Weiss; and yours truly. The video was shot by Shawn King and edited by Bill Boll. Visit the latter’s YouTube to catch this one, along with some fun pieces based on Julia Sets, Riddle of Steel and his infamous Dalco Pig ad:


Enjoy. And note that the band’s playing February 17 at the Billiken Club at SLU.