Chris King is amusing

Since I struggle to get enough self-referential posts into the blog, I was relieved to see this note from Chris King, re: Sunday’s art event at Hartford Coffee:

Long ago, Thomas Crone decided I was a world music critic, when I was nothing of the sort, and he assigned me a world music column for the Ray Hartmann-era Riverfront Times. That led to… not really very much of anything, except a boatload of amazing free CDs, a lot of $125 paychecks, and a dozen entries with my byline in the definitive tome on the subject, The Music Hound Guide to World Music. And that’s… something, I guess.

Now, Crone has decided I am an artist by inviting me to be in his ad hoc group show that opens this Sunday at 5 pm at Hartford Coffee, just before Free Candy (complete details follow). I expect this to lead… not very much of anywhere, either, except for maybe a few $50 checks, since that’s the price I’m putting on my sketches of the late Nymah Kumah, which are attached.Chrisp.s.

Three “Nephew Haiku” by my kid nephew Brendan Dulaney and I will no doubt come in another message, as “the unpromoted life is not worth living,” said the editor of the world music tome previously mentioned, one Adam McGovern of Mount Tabor, N.J.

Sunday, December 3
Free Candy, with Amanda & Julia
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford (@ Roger)
Free, maturish audience only, 7 p.m., 314-772-5947,

Delightful show prequel, in the form of a new art show featuring the photography/artwork of Thomas Crone and friends (Dana Smith, Andrea Day, Tom Lampe, me and my kid nephew, Brendan Dulaney) from 5-7 p.m.