St. Louis Stars: info sought

Last night, I watched “Once in the Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos,” a tearjerking doc on the glamor team of the old NASL. (Yes, I did tear up. Mock if you will.)

The viewing made me remember a post not posted: though a slightly obscure request, if you happen to know anyone who was in any way involved with the old St. Louis Stars soccer team, please let me know. Whether they be a player, front office staffer or associated with the squad in another capacity, I’m looking for interviews for a developing project. Figure that the old “big-city-small-town effect” could come in handy here. Thanks.

One thought on “St. Louis Stars: info sought

  1. Thomas,
    I just read the St. Louis Stars post. As fate would have it, my dad was a standout soccer player. He was the captain of Michigan State’s NCAA champioship team in 1968, was on the cover of Sports Illustrated (back before the days of multi-million dollar athletes) and he tried out for the Stars when I was a kid. He’s even in the “St. Louis Soccer Hall-of-Fame.” He had friends on the Stars, Cosmos, Dallas Tornado, and of course the Steamers. We’d go to Stars games and chill out in the locker room before heading over to Talayna’s on Skinker for a sensational pizza. Let me know if I can help.

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