Interesting week in publishing. Or, at least, enjoying previous publishing projects.

The Missouri History Museum’s research library requested a standing subscription to 52nd City, copies of which were duly delivered to the Skinker location. (Did I mention that the third print edition will out next month? Did I?)

Also, the book “Gaslight Square: An Oral History” was cited and quoted from, in the recent book by Dennis Owsley, “City of Gabriels: The History of Jazz in St. Louis, 1985-1973” (Reedy Press). His chapter on Gaslight Square’s music was the place, obviously, where the “GS: AOH” material was most used. Must say, I enjoyed Dennis’ book a great deal, esp. the late chapters on Gaslight and on the Black Artists Group. Reading the latter chapter sent me on a short photo hunt; you can find the results of that outing via the flickr tab to the right.

Thus ends today’s meta-posting.