Looking for…

One of the new trends in online journalism is having the writer ask for story leads, tips, suggestions and contacts via the web. So think of me, cap in hand, asking for the equivalent of a little bit of spare, mental, pocket change.

I need:

Some gardeners. But not any gardeners. People who raise “ethnic” gardens. E.g.: a Vietnamese family growing insanely hot peppers or a German family growing kohlrabi. Heck, do you know any immigrants raising chickens? Lemme know.

Interesting bar folk. Though not shy to pass through the doors of various nightspots, I’m on the lookout for “industry interview” candidates for my Wednesday gig for InsideSTL.com.

Lastly, Saturday events. I’m doing this “Saturday Night Date” gig for the Saturday mini-“Get Out” section of the P-D. So if you’re working on a public event taking place on a Saturday evening, drop a line.

Thanks, in advance, for the wealth of incoming e-mail!