Spin, So. City

I feel particularly responsible for publicizing my spin at The Royale on Saturday, February 18 because the business at The Royale has been so anemic on the weekends. I mean, without my ability to generate four or five people to attend the club’s open hours… well, there might only be three times the 49-person capacity. That would be a shame.

So I better mention it: me spinning, The Royale, February 18, no cover, 10 p.m.-close, all of this assuming that I find my copy of AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” which seems to have come up AWOL, but is critical to any set.

One thought on “Spin, So. City

  1. Rats — I’ll be out of town on the 18th.

    DJ Play is booked for the decidedly less glamorous Monday-night slot at The Royale on March 20. Yes, Steve has things scheduled that far in advance.

    I’ve got a copy of “Back in Black” in CD (and, of course, MP3) format, if you want to borrow it. Hell’s Bells!

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