New clips, Feb.

An article and story in Playback St. Louis on tattoo artist Carrie Davini.

A pair of articles and stories in Sauce Magazine; one on the band Red Eyed Driver and another on cold-weather vendors at Soulard Market.

A co-written web article on artists’ first trips to St. Louis on the St. Louis Magazine site.

Upcoming Post pieces, including bar reviews of Foley’s, Maryland House and the new Mike Shannon’s; plus a feature on Wall Ball.

Upcoming St. Louis American features on SLU basketball coach Petra Jackson and wrestler Phil E. Blunt.

5 thoughts on “New clips, Feb.

  1. Phil E. Blunt–is his moniker going to be addressed in the piece? Perhaps, he could wrestle the dastardly I.P. Freely.

  2. I will note that the name might encourage “soft” or “gateway” drug usage about young people.

    My greatest Phil E. Blunt moment came at the dowdy Chartion Square stripmall one morning, where I was buying doughnuts. Phil – who is introduced as a Chicago fighter at the wrestling matches, but seems to live in Mt. Pleasant – was walking into the neighboring laundromat, with five children along. Each one was littler than the last, with a descending tallest-to-smallest walking/pecking order. Maybe you had to be there…

    Thanks, Butler, for reminding me to reflect on this.

  3. I read your article about Foley’s Bar in STL Today. Interesting article, but one fact you should check. Tony and Ken never lived upstairs. Bob Andrews, who worked for Tony and is friends with Ken, lived upstairs from I think Christmas 1992 to Summer 1996. Ken has never lived in St. Louis, but Tony did live in Maplewood not far from Foley’s. I’m sure they both made trips into Foley’s.

  4. Hey, if that’s wrong, it’s on me, but… the guy who was the Tupelo fan at the bar, James the Repo Man, insisted it was Tony and Kenm mentioning them by name. He seemed the kind of superfan source that you could trust. That said, if your scenario is the accurate one, I’m apolgetic to every party involved. Hmm. Rats.

  5. Got another e-mail of the same type. Appears that James the Repo Man is a superfan, but not in possession of a completely-trusty memory. Alas.

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