Technology does not smile upon me. It’s more of a sneer, really.

Nonetheless, I have added myself – or at the least the guise of AkitaSan – to the ranks of Flickr photographers. Soon, I will add a “badge” to the right side of the page, with three, cute, little pics. The hours spent yesterday on this task will surely be rewarded soon with a successful import of that “badge.” I’m certain of it.

In the meantime, there’s that one lone photo to look at Flickr.

Ah, technology. My bane, my nemesis, my enemy. Why must you confound me at every turn?

2 thoughts on “Flickr

  1. Ah yes, and a brilliantly-colored badge that is. Hey, have you figured out how to post pictures from Flickr to your blog yet? If not, I’d be happy to help as always. Nice to see the volume of posts pick up around here, and I’m jealous to death of your new camera.

  2. Yes, I believe I can post those over here. I just haven’t had much to say on the blog! Thanks for hooking in the badge. It adds a certain… color to the page.

    The camera, yeah, I’m digging it, though still learning the myriad functions and settings. It’s definitely smarter than me.

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