Cabrini U-13s

The requests for a Cabrini soccer schedule have been many. At least, oh, two of them have already been fielded. To satisfy these queries, I offer:

Team record’s currently 1-2 overall, 0-1 in league play. Expecting nothing short of a donnybrook with Immaculate Heart this weekend. Bring a lawn chair and we’ll see you there.

(Update: Okay, so that one went down as a 9-0 defeat. Ouch!)

2 thoughts on “Cabrini U-13s

  1. Good luck with your season and coaching experience.

    Hopefully none of the parents will give you a hard time.

  2. Thom & I will try to make it out to the next game…And I promise we will keep the push mower away from your scrappy little players, especially since they’re not sure what it is. We will mow in the night during the next game weekend!

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