On set: “Student of Leisure”

Spent yesterday morning in the hallways and classrooms of Collinsville High School, dressed in a suit for my role as “Dr. Magee,” in Mark Cange’s locally-shot feature film “Student of Leisure.” Don’t know a whole heckuva lot about the production, at this point, but cast and crew members have been active with directors like Eric Stanze and Chris Grega in recent years. No lines to share since Magee didn’t actually have anything to say in the script. Just a lot of glowering, really. Will type more on “Student” later.

Oh: along the hallways of the first floor, the artwork of Collinsville students is hanging, with many of them incorporating the famous C’ville “giant Brooks catsup bottle” into their work. In one, the sports mascot, a Kahok Inidian, is climbing the bottle. To say this work would be a fine example of outsider artwork… well that’d be understatement. I’d gladly pay $50-75 for the piece right now. Amazing.

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  1. Scott Randall, the vocalist of Fragile Porcelain Mice, is a teacher at CHS. He’s looking into the story behind the catsup-climbin’ Kahok.

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