It’s at least twice a week that I hear, “Thomas, what are your favorite magazines?” And after a wild magazine buying spree over the last week, I’ve got some new titles to add to the old standbys.

Topic: A really nice quarterly that delves into one particular, well, topic. Last issue it was “families,” two issues ago, “food.” Great writing.

Maisonneuve: A stellar Canadian mag that neighbor Stefene turned me onto a few issues back, when it featured a phenomenal story on the East Side, of all things; same edition had a riveting story on the late heavyweight fighter, Jerry Quarry. Every issue’s a read-through, from cover-to-cover. Gotta love Canadians.

Paste: Solid music mag for old folks like me, with a nice compilation DVD and compilation CD in each issue. I’ve been turned onto a healthy dose of new stuff through those. Also some film coverage, as well as books and new media.

Kitchen Sink: Oakland-based and a newie-to-me, which Andrea just sent along. Found an issue at the Borders in Brentwood. (D’oh.) Wide variety of stuff for “people who think too much.”

The Big Takeover: A longstanding favorite for new music, with about two issues a year. Since it takes a good couple months to read each, that’s not a bad thing.

Devil in the Woods: Not a bad pop music title. Picked up issue #20 in the aforementioned, guilty, quite large Borders buy. The site’s got some decent music for sale, too, including a Denali live CD. Tasty. Like every third mag in the music section this week, Sleater-Kinney is featured on the cover.

The Nation: Of course. So much added web content!