48 Hour Film Project

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to take part in a shoot for the 48 Hour Film Project, as part of writer/director Bill Boll’s “Flaming Deconstuctionists” team. The genre was “cop/detective” and the location was the Hi-Pointe Cafe; to be honest, I have no idea what the mandatory line, prop and character may’ve been, though all of that will be revealed later this week. Doug Whyte of KDHX-TV came by, as well, shooting part of the “making-of” documentary that’ll air at Wednesday’s screening at the Pageant.

At the beginning of the session, the upstairs barroom was flooded by bright, summer sunlight, but a major rainstorm rolled into town about three-quarters of the way through. It was a moment to feel at least a touch of sympathy to all the groups doing exterior shots at the same time, even as the Hi-Pointe ceiling began sprouting numerous leaks, including one that was dripping right next to the camera and onto assistant director and co-writer Adam Hackbarth.

Though the case had a number of talented local actors and crew members (Emily Haack of Wicked Pixel underground film fame; Devin Baker, whom I’ve known from many local bands over the past decade; Joe Hanrahan, Jackie Niebylski and Eve Abaray among others), the biggest pleasure was playing opposite Michael Bowdern, who’s currently a cast member in the Magic Smoking Monkey’s “Glen or Glenda.” I’ve been a fan of his for the past few years and getting to share some time with him at the Hi-Pointe’s bar was an unexpected treat.

Oh, yeah, got two lines along the way, as suit-wearing “Agent #2”:

“We couldn’t hear anything.”
“No, this guy’s dirty.”

Fun day. Curious to see the end result.

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  1. We will be getting a post-debut update won’t we? Your out-of-town readership demands it!

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