Trivia, Scavening, Mirth: Sunday, September 19

Let’s officially debut the first, and potentially last, CreativeSaintLouis Trivia Contest and Scavenger Hunt. It’s a name that really flows (doesn’t it?) and the event promises to do just the same. The experience kicks off and ends at Mangia Italiano, a popular South Grand eatery and drinkery, from 2-5 p.m., Sunday, September 19.

The basics are as follows:

At 2 p.m., teams of (up to) five will pick up a packet at Mangia. This packet will contain instructions that will then be executed in the Saint Louis community-at-large. The instructions may call for people to collect things. Or to collect photographs, or autographs. Or to build things. Or even be wearing specific pieces of clothing, for bonus points. The experiential scavenger hunt will run for up to two-and-half-hours, at which point teams will roll back to Mangia for a timed, 30-questions-in-30-minutes trivia blitz, which will be Saint Louis-specific, but will allow for teams to use whatever forms of information they choose to bring, from classic STL reference books to super-phones. At 5 p.m., the day wraps and the counting begins. Winners will be notified that night and will receive a fantabulouis Saint Louis prize pack.

Team registrations will cost $30, or $25 for the first 15 teams. Funds will support the continued publication of along with a Saint Louis-based web series being developed for spring 2011 production.

Registrants should contact Thomas Crone directly for info on registration, via: Further instructions and confirmation will be sent via e-mail between now and the event day.

For a true Saint Louis experience and a twist on the usual trivia experience, register early and often. Thanks you and please pass along. Word.