October’s 13

Saw Jim Utz spin records for Rue 13 this past week, notable here for two reasons: we were sold a round moments before the lights were turned on; and Jim Utz is the only person reading this featurette and I wish to use his name repeatedly.

Events future, Kick Ass Awards: The seventh edition is coming up next week. Seating will be at a premium. (We hope.) See you there.

Events present, Kurt Groetsch: Happy 29th, Slats.

Events past, Dewes Chili Cookoff 10: Thanks to the charming Dewes family for allowing me to enjoy one of my favorite days of the year each fall.

UFC fighters, Johnathan Brookins: Kinda dig this cat’s zen approach to fighting. Looking forward to his next Ultimate Fighter bout. You, too? You don’t say!

Press clips that keep giving, Enormous Richard: Blessings be to rock groups that keep the flame alive, digital-style.

DJ’ing, Silver Tray: Very much looking forward to Dana Smith joining Silver Tray on Friday, November 5, as he discusses his newest art show – held that same night at Hoffman LaChance Contemporary – and as he programs the first hour. ‘Twill be much fun.

DJ’ing club, LucaBrasi CD release show: Opening, closing and otherwise entertaining during the hard rock band’s release set at the Duck Room on Saturday, November 20. Not looking much forward to this.

Books, “The Urban Hermit by Sam MacDonald”: Couldn’t make heads nor tails out of this memoir for the first 100 pages, then caught the spirit of the work and enjoyed every page of the rest. Can you eat lentils and tuna for an undetermined amount of time, lose 100-plus pounds, find your dream job, kick a beer habit and locate your wife in the span of a book. Apparently, yes.

Corner bars, Behrmann’s: You kind of have to experience it to fully understand. Ask for Rendy by name.

Energy drinks, Full Throttle Agave: Really need to kick this stuff.

Agitprop, signage: Had no real feelings about The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, but I’m always amused by friends who crash a party.

Films, “Phantasm“: Should’ve watched it when I was 11.

Classic cuts, Angel’s “Tower”: So this fella at the Black Bear Bakery booth at Soulard Market sounds talking about Angel and their prog track “Tower.” Couldn’t recollect it, but it’s now a favorite and will be for the next couple weeks, until full burnout results.