April’s 13

Is it still April? Oh. Good. Shew.

Questions, open: I really need some questions. Can you help me?

Slow web reading, “11 Ways Tomorrow’s Internet Will Change Everything“: Looking for a size-8 tinfoil cap over here!

Obsessions, “Wax Poetics” magazine: When you get close enough to start thinking about finishing out the up-to-now complete set of a magazine, but then realize that you have, reasonably, about $200 of investing to do… well, you have hit a crossroads in life and in prioritizing, friends.

Bands, Nada Surf: Been a fan since “Popular” put them on the Point-ey map, though they’ve never been in that must-listen-all-the-time vein. But they’re cover of “Enjoy the Silence” from the new “If I Had a Hi-Fi” may put them back into heavier, personal rotation. And you have to love their ingenious website.

Conundrums, rain barrels: How long would you wait to connect with that one guy who makes free-to-you rain barrels before figuring that you might not get one this year even with some heavy spring rains to come? I’m figuring on another week, before officially flipping out.

Lenten sacrifices, Phuc Loi: The hardest part about giving up restaurant food for Lent? No visits to Phuc Loi. Just looking at these pictures wasn’t quite enough.

New garden experiment, onion patch: Planting onions might just be the signal that middle-age is all-encompassing and official. But they’re so fun to plant! And I don’t children, so watch else to watch grow?

Moral reprehensibility, “Kick-Ass”: Roger Ebert’s got it right. And, yet, it was still fun to watch. Yet awful and icky. Yet fun.

Purchases, cable TV: It’s back. Been nice knowing all of you.

Energy drinks, “Lime Wrecker” by Rip It Energy Fuel: Only 99-cents for immediate headache induction and crash-ready sugar rush. Oh, yeah! (More on this soon, elsewhere.)

Books, “The Soccer Book“: Like, the best book on soccer. Wow. Buy it for that special person in your life. (And that’s not me, as someone special already made that buy, thanks.)

Marathons, movies: Inspired by a recent fundraiser from Cinema St. Louis, I’m moved to try a 16-hour cycle of films, with no particular form, other than something light for the waking-up, pre-noon hours. With school about to end, this will happen soon. Very soon. And “Scarface” factors heavily in the planning.

Second seasons, “Flight of the Conchords”: If “I Told You I Was Freaky” isn’t the best thing to ever air on TV… well, I can’t accept another possibility.