Holiday Greetings, Holiday Wishes

First of all, I hope you are enjoying this day, my favorite holiday of the entire year. To date, no one demonstrably screwed with me, in any serious way, but I hope there’s at least a mild incident of chicanery before midnight. Here’s to you, my friends, in all your devious schemings! Happy April Fool’s Day!

Also, I’d be remiss in not wishing myself something for this holiday. Perhaps you could set aside a few dollars for KDHX during this spring season? If so, these shows can use your love:

Thursday, April 1, 2-4: The Record Sto’ (shotgunning for Doug Morgan)
Friday, April 2, 12-2: Silver Tray (joined by everybody’s pal, Rob Levy)
Thursday, April 8, 7-9: Nomadic Reverie (hanging with the lovely and talented Miss Grace)
Friday, April 9, 12-2: Silver Tray (with World’s Coolest Human, Ann Haubrich)

Thanks for the consideration. And, again, happy holiday!