Clips (’17-infinity)

Lea DeLaria from Orange is the New Black is Making her Jazz St. Louis debut this weekend,, 1.25.19

Musicians, comedians and more weigh in on local venue Foam’s potential closing,, 1.24.19

Listen to Benjamin Kaplan’s new mini-album “The Falcon in Prussian Blue,”, 1.17.19

Libbie Higgins’ Character Carla Says ‘McScuse Me’ to Famous Fans Through New Cameo App,, 1.16.19

Wayne St. Wayne, Prolific St. Louis Artist and Longtime Pro Wrestler, Has Died,, 1.14.19

Melody Den is releasing a new album, “Pull, then push” on Friday,, 1.8.19

Catch the last 3 Bands for 3 Bucks show at Venice Café with Suzie Cue,, 1.3.19

2720 Cherokee Performing Arts Center is back—for one night only, on New Year’s Eve,, 12.27.18

Urban Chestnut’s got a new menu,, 12.21.18

Inside the sad last showing at Keller 8 Theater,, 12.20.18

After a tumultuous year, Kellie Everett and Ryan Koenig to release new albums,, 12.13.18

Red-Headed Strangers, The Vendors of Substance release new albums,, 12.6.18

Watch Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre perform two holiday stop-motion favorites this weekend,, 11.29.18

Les Gruff and the Billy Goat Keep it Country with New Album,, 11.28.18

The Dan Rubright Group is releasing a new jazz album and playing at .ZACK this weekend,, 11.21.18

Behind the scenes of KSHE 95’s podcast “The KSHE Tapes”,, 11.15.18

Joe Park Trio Shows an Experienced Gypsy Jazz Hand Taking the Lead,, 11.15.18

How Belleville’s Lincoln Theatre Survived 19 Years and Why It’s Turning to Music,, 11.8.18

Flyover Comedy Festival Offers Bigger Names, More Venues in Year 2,, 11.5.18

Hyde Park is Ready for its Comeback,, 10.31.18

Photos From Archon 2018: Inside the annual sci-fi and fantasy convention’s fandom, panels and costume contests,, 10.15.18

Crim Dolla Cray’s New KDHX Show, Beyon’ Cray, Wants to Make You Move,, 10.12.18

Inside Kevin Harris’ upcoming multimedia work for HEARding Cats Collective,, 10.12.18

The Bottle Rockets’ upcoming ‘Big Logic’ showcases a new country sound,, 10.2.18

Funk Fest 13 to Bring 24 Bands to 3 Broadway Venues This Weekend,, 9.25.18

Shopping Kismet Creative Center one last time before it closes,, 9.25.18

Union Challenges Youth Training Organization,, 9.6.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile: Duke Taylor,, 9.3.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile: Tina Dybal,, 8.31.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile: Angela Smith,, 8.31.18

Barely 18, Marquise Knox Protege Set to Conquer the World,, 8.31.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile Chris Cyr,, 8.25.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile: Rafe Williams,, 8.21.18

Loufest Last Laugh Profile: Nathan Orton,, 8.17.18

Missouri Native Ian Fisher is Drawing National Buzz for Idle Hands,, 8.15.18

Years After Jimmy Tebeau’s Land Was Seized, He’s Playing a Show on It,, 8.14.18

Summer Magic’s Debut Album Has Kevin Bachmann Playing with His Friends,, 8.8.18

The STL Sanders Band, Named After Bernie, Wants to be the Soundtrack to the Revolution,, 7.20.18

St. Louis Newcomer Sam Golden had Found His Niche with Golden Hour,, 7.16.18

When this St. Louis Podcast Tells Tales of Failure, Hilarity Ensues,, 6.27.18

Drew Gowran Makes Music Wherever, and with Whatever, He Possibly Can,, 6.6.18

Justin Luke Keeps the Laughs Coming, Even with a Day Job,, 6.6.18

Victor Ribas Figured Out How to Make it in the Music Business: Side Hustles,, 5.22.18

Nathaniel Farrell’s Eclectic KDHX Show, Cure for Pain, Will Fix What Ails You,, 5.10.18

Tommie Liddell III’s New Goal Puts Him Back at His Old Stomping Grounds: Saint Louis University,, 4.18.18

Listen to a brand-new track from American Wrestlers,, 4.17.18

New Podcast The East Side Focuses on St. Louis’ Seamy Strip Club Scene,, 4.16.18

Poets take on gun violence for “Bullets into Bells,”, 4.13.18

Apotheosis Comics has a totally new take on the comic book store,,, 4.5.18

St. Louis’ first big concert promoter toasts its 50th year with a new video podcast,, 3.27.18

Some St. Louis DIY Comedians Let Us Tag Along for An Out-of-Town Gig,, 3.26.18

KDHX’s Kelly Wells brings music to the masses, St. Louis Magazine print, 3.15.14

The Strange Brew cult film series may be moving out of Maplewood,, 3.8.18

In the Shadow of the Lewis & Clark Tower,, 3.7.18

The Tower’s Twins,, 3.7.18

Chicago’s Reena Calm is Coming Back to St. Louis to Make You Laugh,, 1.31.18

Ron Fischer: the engineers behind City Museum,, 1.30.18

Thomas Crone on Running for Alderman,, 12.22.17

The Guitar Heroes Took their Annual Showcase to the Studio,,

O’Connell’s Adjusts to Island Life Post-Kingshighway Bridge Construction,, 11.20.17

Paul Artspace Plans for Next Phase of Growth,, 11.2.17

A young musician brings an old-school festival to the Blues Museum,, 10.19.17

Filmmaker Kathy Corley gives Brewer & Shipley their due, St. Louis Magazine print, 10.18.17

A musical and artistic recap of Artica,, 10.12.17

Civil Life Plans for Expansion in Tower Grove South,, 10.9.17

Listen to a preview track from The Potomac Accord’s upcoming release, “Beams,”, 10.5.17

Vignettes and photos from Archon 41,, 10.2.17

Meet St. Louis’ Filking champion, Gary “MoFilker” Hanak,, 9.28.17

40 Cheap Thrills That Keep Us Loving St. Louis for Less, Riverfront Times, 9.27.17

40 Marvels that Will Restore Your Faith in St. Louis, Riverfront Times, 9.27.17

In Downtown St. Louis, the RFT Grew Up – and I Did, Too, Riverfront Times, 9.27.17

Meet KDHX’s newest DJ, Chris Sanley, host of “The Future is Now,”, 9.21.17

The Potomac Accord continues to evolve, St. Louis Magazine, 9.14.17

Meet Owen Ragland, FarFetched’s newest (and youngest) collaborator,, 9.8.17

An after-hours conversation with STL’s TheOnlyEnsemble, on the eve of LouFest,, 9.1.17

St. Louis Comedian Kenny Kinds Brings the Laughs – No Matter the Medium, Riverfront Times, 8.30.17

When St. Louis Sings the Blues, Riverfront Times, 8.30.17

MVSTERMIND on LouFest, his new EP, and the art of the music video, St. Louis Magazine, 8.25.17

DJ Crim Dolla Cray just wants to get you on the dancefloor,, 8.24.17

The best bar crawls in St. Louis, St. Louis Magazine, 8.24.17

Mo Egeston’s Debut CD Was a Long Time Coming,, 8.23.17

This South City artist is on a mission to photograph St. Louis’ women musicians,, 8.17.17

An exclusive first listen to Whoa Thunder’s new song, What Not to Say,, 8.11.17

Stacey Winter Collaborates with a Host of St. Louis Musicians for the EP, We’re Both Here Right Now,, 8.10.17

Meet the DJ behind one of St. Louis’ busiest 3 am club,, 8.3.17

Comedian Rafe Williams Just Might Be the Funniest Person in St. Louis, Riverfront Times cover, 8.2.17

St. Louis Comedy Highlights for August,, 8.1.17

7 Questions for Katie Davis, Brian McDowell and Duke Taylor,, 8.1.17

Scenes from a St. Louis bar,, 7.28.17

The evolution of Miss Jubilee, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 7.20.17

Fragile Porcelain Mice send us down the music video rabbit hole,, 7.20.17

Baileys’ Restaurants gardens are alive and thriving in the Gate District,, 7.14.17

John Donovan’s making more music than anyone you know,, 7.13.17

St. Louis comedy highlights for July,, 7.6.17

Charlie Cerpa has a website,, 7.6.17

Soulard Blues Band Releases Its Eleventh Album – But Who’s Counting, Riverfront Times, 7.5.17

7 Questions for stand-up comics Andrew Frank, Sarah Pearl, and Rob Tee,, 7.5.17

Watch the video premiere for Middle Class Fashion’s “Hot,”, 7.3.17

Meet the man who makes music with plants,, 6.29.17

For Cicero’s Longtime Doorman, It Was a Week of Goodbyes, Riverfront Times, 6.28.17

How Kitchen House Coffee makes for an idyllic and productive space,, 6.26.17

Everything’s coming up roses for Jenny Roques,, 6.22.17

Tribute Bands are Huge in St. Louis – And That’s Great News for Working Musicians, Riverfront Times, 6.21.17

Yes, That’s the Voice of St. Louis Blues Powerhouse Eric McSpadden in the Call of Duty Trailer,, 6.20.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, June 15,, 6.15.17

On Thursdays, The Adam Maness Trio transforms Thurman’s in Shaw into a jazz lab, St. Louis Magazine print, 6.15.17

This month, Guns N’ Roses returns to St. Louis for the first time since the Riverport Riot, St. Louis Magazine print, 6.15.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, June 8,, 6.15.17

7 Questions for Ryan Dalton, Jamie Fritz and Sam Lyons,, 6.6.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, June 1,, 6.1.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, May 25,, 5.25.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, May 18,, 5.18.17

Pokey LaFarge: The Best Music is Yet to Come,, 5.17.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, May 4,, 5.4.17

7 questions for stand-up comedians Yale Hollander, Kelsey McClure, and Tree Sanchez,, 5.2.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, April 27,, 4.27.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, April 20,, 4.20.17

Old school St. Louis jazz through the eyes (and horn) of an Englishman, St. Louis Magazine print, 4.20.17

Confessions of a South Side Chicken Farmer,, 4.19.17

Shot at the Broadway Oyster Bar, Adam Hucke Has a New Lease on Life and a New Album,, 4.19.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, April 13,, 4.13.17

7 questions for stand-up comedians Ella Fritts, JC Sibala and Eric Brown,, 4.4.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, March 30,, 3.30.17

A Conversation with Sean Gunn,,, 3.27.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, March 23,, 3.23.17

The Solar Flare Pedal, Invented in Webster Groves, Has Won Big Name Fans,, 3.22.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, March 16,, 3.16.17

Pre-Fab Home’s Arrival in Tower Grove East Has Neighbors Fretting,, 3.16.17 (pics only)

Darrell Barber is the king of freeform improv soundtracks, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 3.16.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, March 9,, 3.9.17

7 questions for stanups comedians Tina Dybal, Justin Luke & Ken Warner,, 3.8.17

Video Artist Mike Roth Has a Vison for St. Louis’ Rising Hip-Hop Scene,, 3.18.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, March 2,, 3.2.17

A recap of Mardi Gras weekend: the good, the bad & the weird,, 2.27.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, February 23,, 2.23.17

Could a Long-Neglected Stretch of Broadway Become St. Louis’ Next Nightlife Hub,, 2.22.17

Meet the brand-new dynamic duo known as The Knuckles, St. Louis Magazine, 2.16.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, February 16,, 2.16.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, February 9,, 2.9.17

Now Hear This: local music notes for Thursday, February 2,, 2.2.17

Schlafly introduces interactive beer wall, featuring its entire beer portfolio for 2017,, 1.31.17

Now Hear This: A St. Louis Music Roundup for Thursday, January 26,, 1.26.17

Now Hear This: A St. Louis Music Roundup for Thursday, January 19,, 1.19.17

San Diego Transplant Sharon Hazel shakes up the local music scene, St. Louis Magazine print edition, 1.19.17

Tishaura Jones, Beloved by Progressives, Hopes to Transcend the City’s Racial Divide, Riverfront Times, 1.18.17

Now Hear This: A St. Louis Music Roundup for Thursday, January 12,, 1.12.17

Notes from a Conflicted Soccer Fan,, 1.11.17

St. Louis standup Q/A: seven questions for Carolyn Agnew, Rima Parikh and Angela Smith,, 1.10.17

Now Hear This: A St. Louis Music Roundup for Thursday, January 5,, 1.5.17

Just 24 Years Old, Nicholas Alsup is Taking Over The Archive, Riverfront Times, 1.4.17