Though coming out of a journalistic background, today’s fast-moving, free-flowing media environment allows for – nay, demands! – that the modern freelancer maintain a flexible and varied approach to the world of work.

So, yeah, I take on some marketing and publicity clients. And, yes, there’s room for more on my agenda, thanks for asking.

Current Gigs

Civil Life Brewing Company: For Civil Life, I punch up words and pics for the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Nebula: Occasional provider of media content for the website of this popular St. Louis co-working community, during 2016-17.

Previous Gigs

From 2008-2010, wrote marketing copy and website content through Windmill Hill Consulting, working with clients such as Resource One and Firehouse Treasures, among many others. Projects included complete re-writes of websites, along with product descriptions and affiliated marketing copy. Work is work.

Also, from 2008-2010, wrote Cafe Chat features for The Riverfront Times, an advertorial piece that featured restaurant owners and managers. Special issue content was also produced, for restaurant special sections.

Blake Ashby: So, I know this guy who runs for President. During the spring and summer of 2012, I maintained social media support for the candidate, while arranging video shoots, soliciting external media requests, etc.

St. Louis Actors’ Studio: Social media and some PR work for an award-winning, local theatrical company in 2011.

Natural Life Therapy Clinic: Provided blogging, social media support and other internal and external communications for a suburban St. Louis natural health clinic from 2010-12. Also engaged in some of the same for an affiliated non-profit, The Institute of American Acupuncture and Life Medicine.

The Royale: This one included a combination of regular social media support and in-house blogging, for a popular bar and restaurant in St. Louis City. Also have added some smaller video components, as well as writing press releases and monthly mailers; most work from 2011-14.

The Schwag: Served three stints as the social media director of the popular Grateful Dead Experience, based in St. Louis, MO. Bands seeking social media services and able to throw a writer into an on-bus bunk are welcome to contact me!

Alderperson Cara Spencer, (D-20): Wrote a year-long blog and social media content for Alderwoman Cara Spencer of St. Louis City’s 20th Ward, mostly in 2016-17. Hackers destroyed the site. Boo!


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