February’s 13

Films, “Broken English“: Netflix seems to feel that this Parker Posey vehicle is a comedy. If you enjoy laughing at someone as they slowly lose their mind, you’ll find this a laugh riot. For maximum effect, watch late at night, when in a comedic-desiring mood!

Inscriptions, Aaron Belz’s “Lovely, Raspberry“: At Left Bank Books, Belz took my book. Looked left. Looked right. Thought for a second. Looked left again. And then wrote, “Thomas! 1.26.11.” Damn! This cat’s the personification of brevity, the soul of wit and all that. (Great book, for sure.)

Post-“Wire” viewing, “The Corner“: To reference back to the original thought here, consider the HBO mini-series “The Corner” for that day when you want to be taken back down to Earth. Happy and don’t wanna be? But wanting to get drawn into a good show? And are you obsessing on Baltimore’s street-level drug trade? If all are “yes,” here’s your show.

Better-late-than-never, Todd Rundgren: At least the ’70s-era version. Apparently, I’ve just not been paying attention.

Lost-but-now-found, the art book: Karen Ried, you scamp!

Want, iPad: Why wouldn’t I/you/anyone else want one? Damn. Magic machines.

Books, “No More Prisons” by William Upski Wimsatt: Liberals will love. Conservatives will hate. I fall on the side of super-like.

Countdowns, March 15: First day of racing at Fairmount Park. It’s low-end, but it’s close. Bless them ponies.

Gigs, Lockwood & Summit: Raking the major coin for blogging here. Do check in, please?

Neighborliness, snow: Nothing brings a neighborhood together like a good snowfall? Need some salt? How about a push? Could ya use some de-icer? Man, we’re so much nicer when facing some minor difficulties!

Spring (into infinity) project, raising chickens: This seems like such a possibly joyous/possibly terrible idea. It’s that dichotomy that makes it so exciting.

Hobby, writing pitch letters: You fellow freelancers feelin’ me? What’s a bigger joy?

Urban exploration, this one guy:

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  1. Happy New Year Tom!! Hope you are well…. my new band, Joe Marlotti and The Blue plate Specials is opening for Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill on Feb 16th, so I am spreading the word. We are very excited to be supporting the Father of Rock ‘n’Roll, and we will be sporting our best stuff that night- our set is 70% original material, balanced by some great Blues standards done in our own style. I play bass, Tom Kernan plays drums, and Joe sings and plays guitar…Hope you can check it out!

    – John Covelli

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