October’s 13

Still October, people! Despite the lateness, this one’s getting blasted out on the quick, with sketchy WiFi connections, so please excuse typos and the like.

Radio, Topic A: Tonight on Topic A, Amanda Doyle is bringing on guest Geoff Manaugh of the book and blog BLDG Blog. It would be far too simplistic to say he writes about architecture. Instead, he touches on everything you could want to know about how our built environment effects our daily life. Simply awesome. Honored to run the board for a show like this one.

More blogs, Matt Thenhaus: There are people you know with an ability to have an interest in everything. But they also have that one thing that they’re sort of known for, whether, or not, they want the designation. Matt Thenhaus knows beer. And now he’s sharing that enthusiasm with the world, via the RFT’s blogs and his new effort over there. Go, Matt!

More blogs, Claire Nowak-Boyd: We wish a delayed fond farewell to CN-B, who is traveling to Detroit for life’s next chapter, taking with her the blog Curious Feet. C ya, C. And save us a room. 

Photography, The Super Six: Haven’t been active/involved in boxing for some time, but there was a time when I was deeply interested in not only the sport, but all media surrounding it. Including art photography. There’s a set at Flickr that’s got me interested in the topic, again, shot amazingly by Howard Schatz.

Book, “Juliet, Naked”: Here’s a psychological gem. I cannot start reading Nick Hornby’s “Juliet, Naked,” because I don’t want to have finished it. In effect, I view each new Hornby title as a gift from the heavens, so I’m just staring at his newest title, in hopes of not racing through it. Which, by extension, means not starting it. CRAZY. But I will read up on Hornby at Nick’s Books.

Documentaries, “Old Dog, New Trick” and “The Pride of St. Louis”: Have I invited you to the movies I helped make? If not…

Site tip, Place and Memory: Haven’t had a chance to dip into this in any real way, but Place and Memory looks wonderful. Thanks, Byron.

Lush B-sides compilations, “Topolino“: Think somebody would’ve told me about this. Nope.

Magazine articles, Malcolm Gladwell on football, concussions and dogfighting: Well, I’ve basically given away the headline of this piece, but any Gladwell piece is worth reading and this one’s no exception, especially given the conversations taking place around this subject in recent months. A lengthy piece, worth every minute spent. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to play football.

RIP TV, “Freaks and Geeks“: Played the first/pilot episode of this late, lamented comedy for my Media Writing classes at WU and it went over like a lead balloon. Wouldn’t have expected that, a bit. But the viewing got me ready to make a commitment to the series, for a second time. Genius show, friends, genius.

Local albums, “Matt Harnish and Other Delights“: Favorite local album of the year, even if Matt Harnish doesn’t want me to say so.

Awards, Kick Ass Awards: Have I invited you to attend this, too? No. Well, now I have. Sunday, November 8, Joe’s Cafe, 7 p.m., free. Clickey.

MLS players, Kyle Patterson: In a few minutes, Kyle Patterson is dropping by Cabrini Academy to talk to soccer players there, who were coached by him a summer back. While there are more high-profile players in the league, I’m not thinking that too many would spend multiple afternoons visiting kids, a year after working with them, and with a pro career underway. If Kyle was in town in November, he’d walk with a Kick Ass Award. So, he gets a symbolic one, in absentia.