The Trophy Room

This story is 100% true.

Just returned from the Trophy Room, on Arsenal and Brannon. The radio show The Men’s Room was broadcasting from there today and I’d hoped to run into co-host Brian McKenna post-show. Missing him, I figured that I’d sit down, nurse a beer and watch some of the live coverage of the balloon racing across Colorado. At the bar were about 15 bottled beer-drinking hoosiers, along with the stacked, just-off-shift bartender, relieved by another young lady of similar ilk. Nothing about the scene was particularly surprising or new or notable.

But then… at some point in proceedings, one of the resident wits decided to fire up the digital jukebox with The 5th Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away,” which caused the locals to either yuck-yuck, or to sing along to the chorus “up, up and away/in my beautiful/my beautiful balloon.”

Not sure that I needed to be reminded that The Trophy Room’s regulars were a band of dipshit huckleberries, but I just got one anyway.

6 thoughts on “The Trophy Room

  1. Seriously? This is what you spend your time slamming? Drinking a bottled beer and and listening to the 5th Dimension a joke? Haven’t you been around longer than that?

  2. My thought re: the original situation was that: at the time, a boy was presumably being shaken to death, while hurtling along the edge of the breathable atmosphere. If that’s rich with comedy gold, well… maybe it is to some. In retrospect, the story’s laced with all types of possible satire. But at the Trophy the cliche of “too soon” was apt.

    Ultimately, it’s just a slice of South Side life. Nothing more, nothing less. Write about those moments all the time. No big deal, no big statement.

    As for the comment of “me,” I’m not sure I’m following your point(s), at all. Since you lack the moxie to include a name, I’m not going to spend much more time wondering what they might be about. Thanks.

  3. Its gold Jerry! Gold!

    Of course, as soon as I read the name of the song chosen by the resident tunesmith, I instantly thought of Homer Simpson’s version…

    …motor boat…

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