Visited Hartford Coffee Company yesterday afternoon for some mega-reading, on what was a very typical Sunday shift. A folksinger playing to light applause. Barista Nelson greeting everyone with a quip. Almost everyone in the place sitting alone, save for a pair of ladies, mid-room, who were carrying on a conversation driven by the newspapers on their table.

As they prepared to leave, I was surprised to see one of them approaching me.

“I don’t why I’m picking on you, but read this,” she said, with an RFT opened to Ian Froeb’s restaurant review. “You really need need to eat here.”

Discussing the article, the accompanying photo, the menu, the prices and a few other items of note, my Redbird-clad coffeehouse neighbor gave the ultimate word-of-mouth plug to South Grand Gyro Express.

It’s located just south of Bates on South Grand, of course, next to the dead-ender bar the Palomino Lounge. (As luck would have it, I drove past last night and noticed the orange glow of the space while zipping past.) It’s always nice to see new, internationally-owned businesses anywhere in South City, especially on Grand as they’re moving ever-southward, passing Chippewa, Meramec and, now, Bates.

Hummus, anyone? I’ve just heard about this great, little place…