Welcome to ThomasCrone.com!

Greetings to curious readers of MayorSlay.com who may’ve been induced to visit here thanks to my somewhat bemusing addition on this week’s Mini-Poll.

To prove that I deserve to program your three-hour roundtrip, I can offer these qualifications: I am presently spinning music on St. Louis’ commnity radio station, KDHX, with my show Silver Tray; I’m also spinning records tonight at The Wedge, from 9:30 – 1:20; and I’m going to post up an actual three-hour playlist here, when not quite as pressed for time as I am at this second.

Nonetheless, I think I’ve satisfied Mayor Slay’s incentives in (ahem…) “his” inclusion of me in the Mini-Poll, as I’ve now Tweeted, Facebooked, personal blogged and radio mentioned this competitive situation.

S-U-C-K-E-R. I’m a sucker.

But I can’t lose to Kevin Johnson, I’m sorry…

One thought on “Welcome to ThomasCrone.com!

  1. My apologies sir,
    I did not cast my ballot as a citizen of Slay's empire for this poll. If I had, I can assure I would have selected Thomas Crone for a 3 hour iPod listening session. So consider this the tipping vote to launch you ahead in this dead heat race.

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