Involved as I am in a weeks-long housecleaning operation of some major scope, there’s still surprise when a find of notable, historical curiosity presents itself. So it was recently, when the summer reading club checklist of seven-year-old Thomas Uhlander was unearthed. The youth had used the Carpenter Branch Library to secure these fancifully-named bits of literature:

15. when water animas are babies
14. Jokes to enjoy draw and tell
13. Sam the minuteman
12. The pig war
11. Binky borthers detectives
10. Kick pass and run
9. Sophie and Gussie
8. Mr cat’s wonderful surprice
7. Glaciers
6. Fishes
5. Wild animals
4. More riddles
3. Crazy horse
2. Steven and the green tutle
1. Fables of aesop

What to deduce of such reading habits?

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