February’s 13

As someone who’s just recently completed the dreaded “25 Things” list on Facebook, I’m feeling particulary meta this weekend. So, let’s roll out the shortest month’s dose of self-involvement…

Social networking site, the aforementioned Facebook: So, yeah, more about Facebook. During the first meeting of my Mass Comm class, students were asked to discuss major changes in their media intake, over their youthful 18-22 years. When Facebook inevitably came up, a student a couple years the senior of the rest (let’s guess that she’s 24), recommended that old people not be allowed to sign in. Others agreed, suggesting that it’s “their” site, somehow. When asked what the age cut-off should be, I expected 50, maybe 40, but got 30. Hee-haw.

Foodstuff, bagel and lox: After 20 years of not dining on the food of the seas, I’ve become quite the fan of the ol’ bagel and lox. Sampling it at Meshuggah gave me a good feeling, but it’s rapturous when plated up at Hartford Coffee Company. Must say: delicious. And: sorry, fishes.

TV, “Lost”: Readying myself for episode four of season three. That might mean something to some of you. Would not have meant anything to me, prior to January 1. And, after cranking through hundreds of minutes of shows in the past month, I’ve finally hit a momentary hangover, watching only a single show over the last few days, a needed respite from The Others, smoke monsters and polar bears. As much as I’m enjoying the viewing, I’m ready to be done. Seriously. After all, I’ve got “Weeds” on deck at Netflix free play, plus a season one box of “Arrested Development” getting dusty. Oy.

Magazines, “Yes” and “Ode”: Assuming I can push away from the screen long enough to read a sentence, there’re two magazines recently recommended to me that I need to begin reading. Plenty of choose from online, for both. Here’s “Yes.” Here’s “Ode.” If you get to them before I do, enjoy and let me know if they’re total quality.

MP3 players, iPod: Lost the iPod, found the iPod, am enjoying the iPod. Walked down the block just the other day, snow everywhere, a crisp cold wind blowing and J. Spaceman coming through the earphones, via the shuffle feature. To think some of us listened to tapes. Amazing. Things are better now.

Media trends, newspapers and the web: Not sure if you’d heard about this, but newspapers are struggling to adapt to the digital age. Jack Shafer writes about it at Slate. Worthy read.

Sweet treat, Ice Breakers: Hated the first 20 of them, but Ice Breakers’ new Iced Tea flavored mint is quite the taste treat. Don’t hate, consumerate.

UE I, death in Detroit: A pal sends along word that a man was found in one of Detroit’s most-popular UE haunts. The poor fella was actually submerged in ice, his legs sticking out at an angle that would be considered darkly comical in some quarters. Yeesh.

UE II, Hart Island: Another pal sends along pics from a sweet UE site from outside of the main environs of NYC. Love the notion of finding what’s essentially an entire li’l village, out in the sticks. Must be a similar spot in the greater Mizzourah environs. Tip me.

UE III, Asian UE: Whoa. Abandoned Asian Amusement Parks. Need I say more? Nah, that’s sufficient. Thanks (yet another) pal.

Walls, Mangia Evolutiano: If you’ve not seen it, there’s a mural by Wayne St. Wayne on the south interior wall of Mangia Italiano. It’s rather dense, touched up over years of work by St. Wayne. In recent years, the piece hasn’t been as actively engaged as in the past, but Wayne’s been back on the case in recent weeks, a very good thing, indeed. Still not betting on that final panel being completed any time soon.

Pop crush, Ladyhawke: Aw, yeah.

Cartoon, “Jonny Quest”: On my mind, this show. Here’s one person’s take on the best five episodes. Who am I to disagree with such an effort?

One thought on “February’s 13

  1. I love these “what you’re consuming” posts!

    I can’t bring myself to read the “newspapers hate the intornets!” as someone who has just quit her old media technology job.

    Someone I VAGUELY know did a Hart documentary. I wish I could go to Hart Island. 🙁 Have you heard of “Bottle Beach”/Dead Horse Bay? It’s another weird NYC locale. It was a landfill of the late 1800s/early 1900s that got filled in with sand…..oops erosion! now it’s just stretches of awesome bottles.

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