Three thoughts:

1. Does anyone need a crib? Which is to say, does anyone need a rental home, in the up-and-coming Tower Grove East neighborhood? Because I happen to know of one, just next door to me, with immediate occupancy and delightful neighbors. Drop a line for details, if’n you know of such a person/such people.

2. I need a mailbox. Don’t know what happened to the old one. Could’ve been anything. Wild dogs, for example. But I need a new one, that’s for sure. Considering that December was filled with 16 different local arts’n’crafts fairs, I have to imagine that someone locally is doing the punk-rock-inspired-indie-crafty-type of mailbox, yes? Anyone?

3. Need a vintage lamp repaired. Recommendations sought.

Ooh, this is a classic post! Mundane, thy name is…

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