The Mighty Herculus

Have you ever been completely stopped-cold on a Tuesday night, thinking back to a 1987 “Saturday Night Live” skit? You have? Then you know my pain yesterday evening, as I checked every video-sharing site out there, the NBC home site and good-ol’ Google, with no luck, searching in vain for Bill Murray as “The Mighty Hercules,” one of the greatest five skits on the show’s long history.

Please NBC! Load this video into the SNL archives!

In the meantime, here’s the full transcript. Get some friends together and read along.


Praise be! As noted in the comments below, it’s been found. And is as funny as remembered. Rejoice!

3 thoughts on “The Mighty Herculus

  1. That is powerful Google-Fu, Kurt. Excellent.

    And Brian, this does not mean we can’t put together a little Backyard Players version of this.

    Oh, joy!

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