This is going to be a fun week, have that feeling.

Today: The standby of “Silver Tray,” noon – p.m.. I remember hearing that Kopper left the “Wayback Machine,” in part, because he was tired of spending three- or four-hours a week planning the show. Thought that wouldn’t befall me (a naturally lazy person), as I had enough backlogged music to play that it wouldn’t ever be a problem to roll in a just hit play. Turns out that the radio game is really a fair bit different than spinning clubs, which I knew, but didn’t know know, you know? Anyway, spent about two-and-a-half hours planning the show last night. Hope that translates.

(Update: Saturday, November 23 @ Royale. Late fill-in set. ‘S gonna be a good one.)

Thursday, Thanksgiving I: Filling in for Doug Morgan on the “Record Sto’,” from 2 – 4 p.m. Plan the first of a two-day marathon of STL rock, from the ’70s-today. If you happen to have been playing around town during that time and think I may not have a release of yours, lemme know, yo.

Thursday, Thanksgiving II: Here’s a changeup, as I get to fill in for the “Literature for the Halibut” crew, from 7 – 8 p.m. This one, I’ve mildly planning for at least two weeks, a process that would be aided considerably by my iPod turning up. Do you know where my iPod is hiding?

Friday, November 28 I: “Silver Tray” at noon. Day two of STL rock blocks. Some neat things are being unearthed as I type. Thanks Joe and Chris, among others.

Friday, November 28 II: The Rock’n’Roll Craft Show’s taking place this year at the Third Degree Glass Factory and I’m apparently trading cuts during the afternoon with none other than Steven Smith. (The Royale owner; not the gas station owner, or the motorcycle museum owner, or Deandre Latimore‘s promoter.)

Friday, November 28 III: Spinning at the aforementioned Royale, on what happens to be the busiest bar night of the year. To quote a friend: what fortune!

Let’s go record shopping!

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  1. I’m kinda dismayed by the over-growth of alternative shopping bonanzas. Commerce reigns, man, commerce most definitely reigns.

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