May’s 13

If you’ve peeked at a calendar, you might see that we’ve passed the first day, or two, of May, but things have been busy around the information age workshop lately. We now officially declare the beginning of May at with the wildly-popular May’s 13.

Performance, Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre: At some point in the last year, I decided to pursue a hobby of catching more live theatre. At least one show per month and/or all the shows of certain companies. Things are holding steady so far this year, with the latest production caught being the Magic Smoking Monkey’s hilarious send-up of “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.” Delightful to see longtime monkeys like Amy Elz, Julie Layton and Jim Ousley onstage. And equally fun to catch the performance in what was obviously a sold-out (and hot!) RAC space. Can’t wait for next year. Where do we sign the petition for two Monkey shows a year?

Daily read, St. Louis Beacon: Sometimes, it takes a while to retrain your daily surfing habits. A couple things on my guilty pleasure list should be stricken, while a few castor oil-type sites should be added. The St. Louis Beacon’s luckily got enough interesting content for me to become a regular reader, giving me some civic fiber as I go. Lots of familiar names in the ranks; looking forward to seeing some new ones crop up, as well. My daily surf’s a bit smarter thanks to the Beacon.

Advertorial, Cafe Chat: While on the topic of newspapers and their kin, I’ll note that a piece I alluded to a few weeks ago has come into being. The Cafe Chat advertorial feature in the RFT is live, with an interview with Michael Johnson (of, oh, 25 local restaurants) the first of the lot. Still strange seeing my name in the RFT, in any context, but such is life. Strange.

Browsing options, Firecracker Press: The publisher of many collectible posters, flyers, magazines and the like has up and moved, from the somewhat remote location it called home above the Chippewa viaduct to a nice, new location in a classic Cherokee Street storefront, just across from Apop Records and near to many of the hipper new Cherokee spots. Congrats to Eric, Matty and the crew for their digs. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, pop in. They’d be happy to let you browse and watch some work come off the line.

Mag sections, Apop: This month, we’re flowing from one idea to the next, so we have to take a moment to sing the praises of the magazine and zine sections at Apop Records. I’ve spent too much money there over the past month, snapping up a variety of cool, cheap zines, many of them in the black-and-white, cut-and-paste style of my relative youth. Happy to see those coming around again. And happier to see a place selling. Not since the days of the old Whiz Bam have I seen a finer collection of truly indie zines and print ephemera. Nice.

Question, the incorporation of fish into the ol’ diet: So, any vegetarian readers today? Any of you go from veg-only to eating fish? How’d that work out for you? The bones and muscles are barking and serious consideration is going into the adoption of fish (dead, dead, decapitated and scaled, dead fish!) into my daily diet. Need some info. One friend is advising the eating of buffalo and beef, instead, but something’s saying that ain’t going to happen. But dead fish? Maybe. Thoughts are welcome.

Hobby, urban exploration: A couple new spots have been accessed by the membership of the UEU 314 in recent weeks and photos will be going live on flickr in the near future. Here’s the rub with flickr, for me: I’m stuck at 999 shots. I have been for weeks. I don’t know why this is an issue, but I want the 1,000th to have some kick and I can’t seem to find that shot. What a weirdo. Anyway, take a peep at the flickr button on the right in a couple days. Should finally crack this mental block by then.

Flickr photographer, Lachance: Some props for Lachance, who is not Alicia Lachance, but who is a phenomenal photographer of industry and cities. Damn.

Season, the end of a school semester: Is there a finer season than school’s end? I don’t believe so. And I love fall. But the first/second week of May? Oh, how sweet!

Trend, babies: Okay, friends, who’s expecting next? Who’s due next? Out with the info, please.

Cable show, Miss Rap Supreme: Trying to diversify my cable bad habits, and Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme seemed a way to bring some flava to my evening TV zombie-ing. Sadly, the femme-cee’s are just not bringing the dramatic heat I require in my crap TV viewing habits. Maybe the fact that actual talent is involved in competing in the show is ruining it for me. Hard to say. Giving this one a few more episodes, though my German favorite, Lionezz, has been shown the door. (Ach, nein!) Thinking that the Discovery show about crab fishermen might be next on the list.

Beer, Pyramid Apricot Ale: I love it, I merely like it, I love it. Such is life.

YouTube video/song/obsession, “Four Horsemen,” Aprhodite’s Child: Ladies and gentlemen, I leave you with a cut that’s been playing daily for weeks, if not months. Must find new musical obsession. Until then, zone out to the following, at your back-mask-frightening risk.

2 thoughts on “May’s 13

  1. I am. I’m going to have a baby next.

    Okay, no I’m not.

    But I do know a few folks who have made the transition from vegetarian to pescetarian for a variety of reasons, but mostly nutritional/health. They all started out slowly, usually with tuna as it is a nice childhood-y choice. Just don’t be one of those people who calls himself a vegetarian but who eats fish. I mean, really. Fish=not a vegetable. Who do these people think they’re fooling?

  2. Lovely to see you at the show. And it was just damn hot.

    I cheat every now and again with fish when I am going to donate platelets and feel the need for an iron boost. When I cheat it’s with salmon, crab, lobster, or shrimp. The latter of the list are really just bugs of the sea and no one likes bugs. At least, that’s how I console myself as I shovel down forkfuls of lobster creole.

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