Chronology, I

Factor in these bits. All factual.

You live in an region that’s recently had an earthquake. When it occurs, you, like thousands of others, wonder what’s happening, jarred and somewhat, for lack of a better phrase, “goofed up” at the moment of impact.

You have a pair of glasses. The left lens, for whatever reason, tends to fall out. It has just fallen out. And it sits, without one lens, on a shelf.

You have a phone, the Verizon EnV, which isn’t a good phone. These phones break. Constantly. Tonight, your latest (third) EnV is broken. Not just sporting the recently-acquired cracked face, but also a battery problem, which seems to require hours of charging for minutes of use.

You live on a block which has given you trouble recently. A few shots here. An attempted bum-rush there. Enough activity of a nasty nature to what you wonder what’s next.

Despite this, your green light bulb, which illuminates your front porch (you have a green awning; somehow the two seem sympathetic, what with the green awning, the green bulb), has just burned out, which draws only a shrug and “a something-to-do tomorrow” vibe.

Put the combination together. Sequence this. Or not. As you see fit.