Trivia, February 2

So. I just played the St. Pius V trivia night at, yes, St. Pius V. While there, I was reminded of an upcoming trivia night at St. Fraces Cabrini Academy – you know, that school behind that Imo’s and the funeral home, at Gravois and Arsenal.

Many of the players I coach are students (and athletes) at Cabrini. This trivia night supports the school’s Sponsor’s Club, which is is the funding arm of the school’s athletics program. I planned on joining a new team this year, as former team captains Tom Weber and Fred Hessel are in Minnesota and the Middle East, respectively. But with sales a tad slow, I’m going to go ahead an organize a table. No, wait: I am going to organize the winning table.

These are the types of people I need:

People who know a lot about a little.

People who know a little about a lot.

People who have time on February 2 and, ideally, aren’t going to be wickedly buzzed from Mardi Gras.

Most importantly, people who have $12.

3 thoughts on “Trivia, February 2

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I currently live in the Gaslight Square area and am currently working with a group from our neighborhood on a new quarterly newsletter for our block. We were thinking of different activities for our winter gathering and thought about the possibility of having you speak @ 30 minutes about Gaslight Square and your book. Is there a way that we can get in contact with you to see your availability for next month…February?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


  2. harumph! I know a minute amount about many, many things. It’s my job I tell you!

    Too bad I live a thousand miles away!

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