January’s 13

Magazine, Wax Poetics: Hip-hop’s only a small part of my usual musical intake, but I can’t get enough of Wax Poetics. It’s not just a hip-hop zine, but a fine source for reading up on photography, crate-digging, mixing, decades-old soul music and graphics culture. How’d I come so late to this party?

YouTube video, “Gerald McBoing Boing“: Originally, I found “Gerald” through Cine 16 at Mad Art, one of dozens of great finds during that series’ run. Was happy, then, to come across this animated short on YouTube. Choice, family-friendly animation, worth taking in for the soundtrack alone.

Flickr user, Skeleton Krewe: Love the notion of getting to know a town through the lens of various photographers. And New Orleans is rich with solid flickr contributors right now, though none seem to capture the tiny elements of that recovering city as well as this one. Awesome stuff. I’d tour that town with Skeleton Krewe any time.

Radio show, The Fox Hole: My secret shame is a fanship of sports talk radio. To me, there’s no funnier man on local airwaves than Martin Kilcoyne and his alternating Fox 2 cohorts, Chris Pelikan and Maurice “The Mayor” Drummond are perfect foils. This isn’t a sports-heavy show, so the trio’s likely to riff on any topic on a given day. Hilarious. Really.

Veggie burger battle: The best in town? Tanner B’s? Or The Atomic Cowboy‘s? I’m dedicating my 2008 to this decision.

Myspace song, “Rainy Monday“: Caught this track by Shiny Toy Guns on an interstitial on MTV. Ran through the whole run of: love it, hate it, bored by it, love it, played it too much. Okay, I’ll play it right now, but just once.

Paul Raven, RIP: A bunch of records in my collection feature this cat on bass. He’s dead now, gone at 46 from a heart attack. Wake-up calls suck.

Ad, Whopper Freakout: For class purposes, every semester I find a few ads that point to the demise of The American Empire and Burger King’s latest cycle of advertising does the job well. We are a stupid, stupid people, indeed.

Celebreality series, “The Pickup Artist”: Speaking of American brain loss, my recent cable problem has manifest itself in devoting time to VH-1, where I’ve come to know the peculiar idiocy of “The Pickup Artist,” as bad a reality series I’ve come across; and this is coming from someone who watched multiple episodes of “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive.” Try one episode of TPA online. You’ll thank me, maybe, or you’ll curse me.

Magazine stand, World News: With STL United FC moving soccer viewings from OB Clark’s to Barrister’s in Clayton, I’ve shifted by pre-view magazine shopping from Brentwood’s Border’s to Clayton’s World News. Gotta love buying independently. (Please tell me that World News is independent. It is, right? I mean, it’s gotta be.) Check the clearance rack.

Theatre group, St. Louis Actor’s Studio: Every year, an unmet resolution is to go to at least one theatrical production a month. It’s becoming closer to doable, this “challenge,” thanks to companies like STLAS. I’ve enjoyed both of their debut-season offerings so far and their next show, “The Waiting Room,” is coming on January 18. That the shows are offered up in a venue called The Gaslight Theatre…? Pinch me!

CD, Peanuts, A_BIM_CS_B_P_BTR_FS_C: Yo, I got the cover shot, yo!

Tea, Prince of Peace organic green tea: Add lemon and clover honey. Makes winter bearable.

2 thoughts on “January’s 13

  1. There was talk for a bit that World News was going to get forced out of that corner storefront for some chain to come in, so I’d say it’s doubtful that a chain would be kicking a chain out. There is (was?) a second location in Westport Plaza, but I’m pretty sure that it’s local.

    Ain’t the same without Tory Z Starbuck running the convenience store half, though.

  2. I don’t have a tv because I am too cheap and lazy to buy one and lug it home, but I watched a LOT of tv this holiday season and I LOVE WHOPPER FREAKOUT. I love that it’s basically “Falling Down” come to life.

    I loved the Pickup Artist, though the only likeable people got kicked off early. I was a Spoon woman, myself. A lot of my friends watched it, so now whenever we are out I hound them about how they should open some sets! You need to watch this:

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