Records & radio

First: records. I’m spinning at the Royale on Friday and Saturday night this weekend. Friday, solo, and Saturday as part of the third DJ Scramble, in which I’ll be putting 40 of my records in the youthful, yet capable, hands of Morgan Davis and Cory Fake 4 Eyes. (Whose actual name probably has a little less zip than that one.) Anyway, early start of 9 p.m. on that, maybe even a bit before.

Now, radio. For anyone who tuned into the Topic A broadcast of a Nat Hentoff interview last evening, apologies. As we’re pre-taping many of shows these days, the possibility of a technical glitch rises and we were claimed by an early hit on that level. My initial guess is that we’ll rebroadcast the show on the first Monday of January, with another pre-taped guest (Salim Muwakkil, senior editor of In These Times) appearing on our December 31 episode. Thanks to the Collateral Damage crew for sticking around for our slot.

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