Nov. 9th

Happy Nov. 9th!

Two suggested options for today, people.

1. As noted in past entries, I’m in the temporary employ of Cinema St. Louis, working as the volunteer coordinator of the 16th annual SLIFF. It began with a really enjoyable showing of “Honeydripper” last night, followed by a Q/A with director John Sayles and producer Maggie Renzi. Today, though, the fest starts in earnest. Today, I’ll be positioned at one of my favorite local shopping destinations, Plaza Frontenac, home to a fine art house theater. The run today: 2:30, Global Lens Shorts; 4:30, The Collector; 7:00, Getting Home; 9:30, The Melon Route. If by, say “hello.”

2. Plotting how I can make a quick jaunt to Hoffman LaChance Contemporary in Maplewood, where the Poetry Scores CD “Go South for Animal Index” will be released. The CD is centered on a long-form of the same name, written by my 52nd City cohort, STL Magazine editor and neighbor Stefene Russell. She’ll be on-hand, as will the musicians that set her words to music. Rounding out the night is an art invitational, with proceeds from the work going to support the mission of Poetry Scores.