A “High Fidelity” evening (and morning… and afternoon)

Deciding to tackle the logjam of stuff in my house (a nod to the current issue of 52nd City, see?: “stuff”), I decided to cull my increasingly-unwieldy record collection, snatching a couple hundred slabs of vinyl from the teeming stacks, while going to a new, genre-free organization system. Fascinating, eh?

Well, in recognition of this coming Saturday’s SOUND release at The Royale, I will be attempting to unload as many albums for money as I can over the course of the week. What doesn’t sell, I’m considering bringing to the patio expanse of The Royale for an impromptu record swap-meet. If anyone’s interested, I have a feeling that my seldom-seen “Bright Lights, Big City” soundtrack won’t be snapped up by canny record clerks this week, making it a clear target for the thrifty in six days.

See you there. I’ll be the guy with the records and semi-frown.

One thought on “A “High Fidelity” evening (and morning… and afternoon)

  1. so what IS the organization system? I am in the midst of transition with my CDs from time CD was bought (which is easy to maintain, but after several moves was a mess) to a straight alpha (with some exceptions, of course–all stephin merritt projects under merritt).

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