New 52nd City & Trivia Night Update

Snagged this from Stefene’s post at 52nd City’s blog:

Though Bastille Day is traditionally associated more with the loss of one’s head (at least if you are a monarch) rather than the use of one’s head, we here at 52nd City have decided to be contrary. We’re throwing a Bastille Day trivia night/2nd issue release party at Mad Art Gallery (2727 12th St.) on Friday, July 14. We’ll post details as we have ’em. Price is the usual – $10 a head, or $100 a table. To clarify, showing up for trivia doesn’t mean you are obliged to buy a mag – and if you’d like to come down and see the new issue right off the presses, there’s no obligation to play trivia.

If you do want to play trivia, we are taking table reservations right now, so email us post-haste and let us know that you’d like to come play (all proceeds, as always, go to the production of our little mag). We may not have fireworks, champagne and the Tour de France like they do in Paris, but it should be a fun time. And if you’ve been on the edge of your seat waiting for our second issue (themed “Faith”) this will be the first place to get your hands on it.

Drop yours truly a line if you’d care to play.